Saucey's Catering

Where the Sass is in the Sauce!

At a very young age, Founder Amily Sauceda, had a passion for food. By the early age of 11, Amily was quick to pick up on her mother's recipes and duplicate the authentic flavors and tastes. Growing up and having access to her own kitchen, Amily continued to follow her mother's recipes, adding a unique twist.

While attending college and making way with a professional business career, Amily never stopped her passion of cooking by exploring in the culinary world. Once established in the corporate world, Amily would reward her staff, by preparing fresh homemade dishes for them. The satisfaction and compliments received, gave headway to an extraordinary idea which lead into starting her own catering business.


Because we care

our approach

Saucey's Catering specializes in buffet style services, however, we can accommodate any setting. We offer healthy food choices and personalized attention throughout the menu planning process. We can customize party platters and work with dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, food allergies, etc.), and include full staff support to make your event worry-free.

From graduations, office luncheons/parties, holiday celebrations, anniversaries and weddings, Saucey's compliments any occasion with flavorful  dishes made to highlight good taste at exceptional value. We offer convenience and flexibility to meet all our client's needs.

We focus all our attention on the small things that matter the most. Each of our clients is different, so we tend to treat them according to their preferences. We believe in providing a fun, professional atmosphere not only to our clients but also our staff. ~ Saucey's Catering

As a small catering business, saucey's is able to take the time and attention needed for every meal prepared. saucey's will provide every client a custom experience, preparing quality meals with the freshest ingredients and quality service performed by trained professionals.