While working within the corporate world, founder Amily Sauceda-Garza, was known for rewarding her staff members with made-from-scratch meals. Having ventured in the culinary world before and noting the delight that she encountered with the feedback and demand; Amily pursued her dream within the food and hospitality industry.

Immediately Amily met high demand for her meals. Taking prompt action, Amily created a logo (current trademark) and took initiative to name her company after what made her passion in food come from; cooking with her father and mother. 

Saucey's devries from her maiden last name- Sauceda.  Established and licensed in 2012, Amily became a caterer and expanded her services to include staffing along with meal packages. 

Since then, Saucey's has remained in business.



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Saucey's Catering is proudly woman owned and operated.

Pictured: Amily and her husband

Adam Garza

​"Cooking has always been a passion of mine. I've been in the kitchen at a very age, as young as 7 years old. I helped my parents and truly found cooking as a therapy. By 11 years old, I mastered my mother and father's family recipes and have continued to use the same methods and ingredients from yester years.

I take pride in every thing I do, being able to cook just about anything; is not only talent, but also a blessing. I love doing what I do and won't change it one bit."

~ Amily Sauceda-Garza




Saucey's Catering was founded with one thing in mind; treat everyone like family!

As a small business, family operated, Saucey's takes on events with lots of attention to detail, care with our staffing services and show our passion for cooking in every meal prepared. 

We want for every encounter, every customer/client to feel the devotion and pride that we take in our products and services.